This is collection of some of my best works that showcase my experience and ability. If you would like a complete and detailed list of all of my past professional experience, you can download my unabridged resume here. References are available upon request.

There are some nice things here, but this is by no means everything I have worked on. I am an avid supporter of open-source free software, and I make many of my projects available to the public on GitHub.



Assuming something hasn’t gone terribly awry, you’re reading this on www.brandonfoltz.com, my personal website. It is here not only to display my portfolio, but to be part of it. It is powered by WordPress, and the theme was written by myself as a conversion from the old static site. I opted to keep the same visual appearance (mostly), but allow for much greater dynamic functionality. I’ve become much more familiar with the workings of WordPress and how to create very capable themes through this process.


dujud_ssI designed and built the website for the Drexel Judo Team, of which I am a member. This site is powered by WordPress. I handle maintenance of the site and coordinate with team leaders to keep recent information on the site.


I designed and developed the website for the Up Scale Consignment Shop in Greencastle, PA. I also set up many of the electronics in the shop including desktop computers, printers, phones, and fax machines. A CMS was needed so that the owner could maintain and update the pages, so I wrote a very minimalistic CMS referred to as UpscaleCMS solely for this client.


In November of 2011 I became the website maintainer for Valacar, a New Jersey metal band. So far I have rewritten the site to use CSS instead of tables for layout (for the most part) while maintaining the original site appearance. Additionally, I wrote a PHP script which reads their list of shows from a CSV file, and sorts them into upcoming/past show lists to be displayed on the shows page.


I wrote and host the website of Catronix, the photo/video business run by Matthew Catron. He designed the pages as PSD documents, and sent them to me to be converted into HTML/CSS for display on the web. His site features numerous easily tweakable PHP based photo galleries written by myself, in addition to the entirety of the remaining site code.

Software and Games

Tree of Voices

Tree of Voices is a program that I wrote early in 2010, using Visual Basic 6. It was intended to be a language learning tool similar to Rosetta Stone. Specifically developed for the www.learnnavi.org community (that I was a part of at the time), this program became very popular for a number of months. During the 2010 Phoenix Comic-Con, it was distributed on CD with a number of other language learning tools aimed at Avatar fans.

Key features of Tree of Voices includee a very simple lesson format, which enabled lessons to be created and contributed by anyone. Later versions included built-in program updater, as well as a lesson downloader.

More information including download and source code can be found at www.treeofvoices.dyndns.org


SpacePong is the first game that I wrote in C (though it is certainly not my first game). It was intended as practice for coding in C as well as learning to use SDL for 2D cross-platform games. I had already learned the fundamental concepts of 2D game programming during my time using VB6, so this demonstrates me using previously learned skills in a new environment. It is a near-clone of the classic 1972 Atari game Pong, with improved visual effects. I have compiled SpacePong for 32/64-bit Linux, as well as 32-bit Windows machines using the MinGW cross-compiler. Download and source code are available below.

You can get the most up to date version and source code from GitHub.